Enrich. Empower. Engage.

Enrich. Empower. Engage.


Our Mission

To provide enriching educational programs that enhance academic outcomes and empower all children to find their inner superpower to make the world a better place and become engaged citizens, using a simple equation: MY TALENT + MY HEART = MY SUPERPOWER!

Our Motto

You Ignite Good!® whenever you do something nice for someone else without expecting anything in return.

Our Vision

That every child will learn to embrace Ignite Good! and as a result, become more empowered, more compassionate, more responsible, and more successful throughout their lives.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide education stakeholders, including students, school systems, out-of-school-time providers, schools, administrators, teachers, PTAs, and parents, resources to provide the foundation for nurturing generations of truly compassionate, engaged, and thus successful, citizens around the globe, where compassion and success become indistinguishable from each other. Research shows philanthropy improves education, health, and wellness - critical factors for cultivating a successful and prosperous society.
Our goal is to bring the Global Game Changers Children's Education Initiative to as many Pre-K through 5th Grade students as possible, first throughout the US and ultimately across the world, and to complete ongoing independent evaluations of our program. We will collect statistical data to fully assess the effectiveness and impact of the curriculum on the students.
Our goal is to connect all children around the globe via the construction of an online virtual play community where they can learn, share, and Ignite Good!
Our goal is to partner with foundations and organizations that share our mission to create a sustainable culture of compassion and responsibility amongst youth and to ensure that elementary schools and youth programs implementing our initiative have the tools and support to sustain it.