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Prior to completing The Global Game Changers, mother and daughter team, Jan and Rachel Annette Helson, came together to complete their first book, PHILANTHROPY...a big word for big-hearted people, because they knew that kids with BIG HEARTS can make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

Philanthropy CoverIn their book, they share inspiring real-life stories of young, Big-Hearted People (BHP), who have done amazing philanthropic work. In this fun-filled and emotional exploration of the word “PHILANTHROPY” and the trail-blazing kids who bring the word to life, young readers are encouraged to make philanthropy a part of their lives at an early age. The message: It is never too soon to combine your talents and your compassion to become a philanthropist – and a BHP forever!

In 2011, the Community Foundation of Louisville provided funding to Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana to introduce PHILANTHROPY into classrooms throughout the Kentuckiana region. Their support also brought the book and its mission to life by creating the first JA Philanthropy House at the Kentuckiana JA BizTown, utilizing the artwork, text, and lessons from the Helsons' book. The Community Foundation of Louisville is working with other Foundations and Junior Achievement chapters to make the same initiative available throughout the country.
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Winner of the 2011 Nautilus Book Award

The Nautilus Awards represents "Better Books for a Better World." It seeks and promotes well-written and -produced books with messages about caring for, understanding, and improving every aspect of our lives and relationships. Learn more about the Nautilus Awards.

Community Foundation of Louisville Brings Children’s Book to Life at BizTown®

Makes It Easy for Other Community Foundations to Do the Same

  • Community Foundation of Louisville and the authors of Philanthropy…a big word for big-hearted people, Jan Helson and Rachel Annette Helson, share a passion and commitment for nurturing young philanthropists.
  • Our work with Jan and Rachel and JA of Kentuckiana speaks to the Community Foundation of Louisville’s dedication to building partnerships that inspire philanthropy, strengthen our region and create lasting impact.
  • The activities, messaging and imagery in the Community Foundation of Louisville’s Philanthropy Center at the Sam Swope JA BizTown® are inspired by the stories and illustrations in Jan and Rachel’s book.
  • Community Foundation of Louisville’s Philanthropy Center complements the JA of Kentuckiana curriculum. Teachers use the JA curriculum to introduce the concepts of free enterprise—including the importance of philanthropy--before students visit the JA BizTown®.
  • Community Foundation of Louisville has purchased and provided a copy of Philanthropy…a big word for big-hearted people for each class that will visit JA BizTown® this year, as well as for each school’s library.
  • Jan and Rachel’s book and the Community Foundation of Louisville’s Philanthropy Center at JA BizTown® inspire students with stories about young philanthropists who used their big hearts and determination to make a difference.
  • With Jan and Rachel’s book as inspiration, Rowland Design and Realm Construction Company donated their time and talent to develop and build a fun, interactive and memorable Philanthropy Center experience at JA BizTown®.
  • In the spirit of encouraging young philanthropists across the nation, we have made the Community Foundation of Louisville’s Philanthropy Center concept and design available to other community foundations. Call the Community Foundation of Louisville at 502-585-4649 for more information.
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    • Community Foundation of Louisville

      The Community Foundation of Louisville strengthens our region through inspired philanthropy and outstanding stewardship. Last year the Community Foundation of Louisville received more than $26 million in gifts. Grantmaking from donor advised and designated funds, as well as competitive grants and scholarships, topped $32 million. Learn more at
    • Junior Achievement of Kentuckiana

      Preparing the workforce of the future, Junior Achievement (JA) of Kentuckiana is the region's leading provider of life-changing economics programs for students. JA has made the commitment to serve every student in the region four times in his or her school career to prepare them to succeed in a global economy. Learn more at
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