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Combining innovative curriculum with a vital cultural asset, this partnership provides at-risk students with needed afterschool enrichment.

The Enrichment Gap: Holding Students Back


The Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, KY.

According to the After School Corporation, low-income children experience a 6000-hour enrichment gap by the time they reach 6th grade, for lack of learning opportunities outside of school, including quality after school programs, summer camps, preschool education, extracurriculars, enrichment, and
parent interaction.

This compounds the achievement gap and puts them even further behind their well advantaged peers.

Our Solution

GGC believes that out-of-school time presents a unique opportunity to change a child’s life. 

High-quality afterschool program outcomes

High-quality afterschool program outcomes

In order to reach our most vulnerable children who lack access to an after school program, we have developed a free program in partnership with the Muhammad Ali Center. We teach philanthropy as a tool to enhance academic outcomes and hone social-emotional skills.

Our program will serve as a 21st Century Skills model to promote the role of museums as critical partners in providing culturally-enriching, high-quality, expanded learning and after school time programs.

The collaboration will also serve as a model for intergenerational learning through integration of a youth and elderly mentor support program.

About the Program

Each semester, this program will engage 50 members of our most impoverished student population from one selected school in the West End of Louisville in an after school expanded learning experience for two hours every school day. This year’s school is Whitney Young Elementary.

The Global Game Changers after school program allows students to explore different charitable causes, develop their talents, hone their social-emotional skills, learn from other children’s examples, and ultimately create their own individual service project, using their talents to serve causes they care about. Daily activities will consist of engaging and enriching lessons, presentations by guest speakers, and opportunities for the kids to participate in community engagement. Students will also have access to the Muhammad Ali Center and its exhibits through guided work with Center Education staff.

Ultimately, we will provide students with the experiences and tools so that we leave them at the end of the semester having made a lifelong impact.

 Quick Facts

  • Attendance: 50 children
    • 25 children in a Kindergarten to Second grade classroom
    • 25 in a Third to Fifth grade classroom
  • Duration:
    • Monday – Thursday
    • 4:00pm to 6:00 pm, including travel time
    • 15 weeks per semester
  • Classroom staff:
    • 1 teacher
    • 1 AmeriCorps VISTA
    • 1 youth mentor from the University of Louisville
    • 1 elderly mentor
  • Transportation: from Young Elementary to the Ali Center and back is provided.
  • Snack provided by Jefferson County Public Schools.

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