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The Global Game Changers programs are compassion-based programs that teach and inspire every child to discover their superpower to help others and make the world a better place. The goal of the program is to boost academic engagement and outcomes while instilling the values of character development, compassion, civic engagement, and service.We have programs for:
  • Preschool
  • Elementary School
  • After School Programs
  • Camp Programs

What Our Programs Teach

Each program is unique; however, each contains the elements necessary to introduce children to the Global Game Changers alliance and give them the tools to discover their own unique superpower equations: MY TALENT + MY HEART = MY SUPERPOWER. We hope that, by the time the program is complete, children can say how they use their talents to make a difference for a cause that they care about.

We define our elements simply: TALENT is something that you are good at or enjoy doing. HEART represents the cause that you care about, from the environment to bullying, hunger to animals, or many other causes.

We believe in empowering children to choose what matters to them, in building their self-esteem to know that they can make a difference, and in instilling in them that responsibility.

GGC Superpower Equation

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5 Program Elements:

An Introduction

9781938511004 An introduction to the program through The Global Game Changers storybook, in which children learn about a team of fictional superheroes: their leader, Global Girl, her recruiter-in-chief, Little Big-Heart, and their trusty dog Pixel. This superhero alliance recruits real-life kids, who are doing good things for others without expecting anything in return, to join them. Along the way they encounter and battle Krumi, a dark cloud who represents apathy.

Our 12 Heart Badges

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Lessons about each of our twelve heart badges: Arts, Elderly, Poverty, Veterans, the Environment, Rescue, Hunger, Bullying, Animals, Health, Education, and General. The goal of these lessons is to help children discover where their heart lies, and which cause they would like to champion.  These flexible lesson plans can be taught in any order during the program.

Talent Discovery

Talent Circle
A lesson that helps children investigate their talents. We teach children that a talent can be anything they like to do or are good at doing, and that you don't have to be the star soccer player or straight-A student to have a talent you can use to help others.

A Final Celebration

Lincoln-Photo-OrangeA final celebration in which children complete their Superpower Equations and are motivated to put those equations into action.

Service Project Toolkits

Service-Project-GraphicGroup and individual service project toolkits extend the learning process and allow interested teachers and/or motivated children to take what they have learned in the Global Game Changers program and move to the next step.

Program Components:


  • Detailed lesson plans
  • List of standards met
  • Lesson Objectives
  • Vocabulary lists
  • Materials needed
  • Lessons Overview
  • Assessment Opportunities


  • Curriculum Binder
  • Hardcover Storybook (view excerpt)
  • Ignite Good! Cape
  • Mission Up! Card Game
  • Activity Books
  • Wristbands
  • Ignite Good!™ Stickers

Learn About Each of Our Programs

  • Pre-School

    PreschoolPreschool is the optimum time to introduce and expose children to all areas that they will build upon in preparation for elementary school. They will explore through their senses and learn skills in language arts, social studies, arts and humanities, mathematics, physical development, science, and health and mental wellness. All lessons and activities in The Global Game Changers Preschool Program were designed to meet NAEYC Early Childhood Program Standards, specifically those addressed within the Head Start program, The Head Start Child Development and Learning Framework: Promoting Positive Outcomes in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children 3–5 Years Old. In short, while kids enjoy learning experiences that help them grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally, they also learn how they can have fun making the world a better place.

    Program lessons are divided into Book Lessons, Badge Lessons, Behavior Lessons, Movement Lessons, and Final Lessons. There are also supplemental activities and pages, including Holiday and Monthly Theme Badge activities, coloring pages, and other preschool-appropriate pages. Preschool programs do not include student workbooks or service project toolkits.
  • Elementary School

    IMG_2493The Global Game Changers program for in-school classrooms is designed to be a flexible and enjoyable opportunity for teachers to incorporate service and values learning in a Language Arts classroom.  All lessons are aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Language Arts.  Our curriculum includes individual lesson plans for each grade level.

  • After School

    2014-02-25 16.46.07The Global Game Changers After School Program is a structured program designed to provide enrichment opportunities for students enrolled in after school programs. While the lessons are a less academic exploration of the topics, there are Common Core-compliant extensions to each lesson that may be pursued in lieu of the non-compliant activities, as an extension for students needing additional help, or not completed at all.
  • Camp

    IMG_3761Camp is a wonderful time for children to take time to learn about helping others. Our camp curriculum for ages 5-10 is full of fun activities and games that make learning about making a difference fun! The Global Game Changers offers a camp structured as a one-week, half-day camp.

    We also offer a camp program tailor-made for our youngest superheroes - preschoolers! They will explore with their senses through a flexible program with lesson plans that can easily be slotted into any existing program.
  • One-on-One Tutoring/Homeschool

    iStock_000009603891_MediumGGC offers a one-on-one program that boasts all of the flexibility of our in-school programs while catering to a smaller environment. It fosters a strong connection between student and tutor, builds student confidence and academic competence, and nurtures a lifetime of giving back.
  • Mentoring Program

    yodaThe GGC Mentor Program is a great way to involve teenagers and young adults in an existing program. These young mentors can assist or run an implementation of one of the Global Game Changers programs with elementary school-age kids. This program is based around two beliefs. First, kids respond to other kids and learn by having fun. Second, the greatest way to cultivate strong future leaders is to provide young adults the opportunity to serve as leaders as part of a learning process. This program will provide teenagers and young adults with confidence and an important skill set for their future lives. It will allow them to be the Professor Dumbledore of their very own Hogwarts; however, instead of teaching witchcraft and wizardry, they will be teaching and inspiring kids to give back and make the world a better place.