Enrich. Empower. Engage.

Global Game Changers (GGC) teaches and inspires Pre-K through 5th Grade students to discover they have real-life superpowers that can make the world a better place! We supply elementary schools, afterschool programs, and community organizations with an innovative and robust, superhero-themed compassion-based curriculum and products that provide in-depth explorations into compassion and social-emotional learning. They include materials and lesson plans that are innovative and comprehensive resources supporting the development of civic engagement, enhancement of literacy, character development, and increased content knowledge in language arts and social studies through engaging activities, project-based learning, and service that promotes engagement rather than just exposure.

We hope our curriculum inspires a young generation of givers around the globe, who can answer the question, “What’s your favorite way of giving back?” just as easily as they could tell you their favorite school subject, sport, or game. Research shows that the young citizens who learn about and engage in giving back will grow to be happier, healthier, more successful, and more compassionate older citizens. And our society needs to grow generations of citizens with these characteristics.


Benefits of our programs include:

Rely on Proven Success

WhyGGC-ResultsThe Global Game Changers program has achieved evidence-based success, as demonstrated by our independent evaluations. For students, the evaluation found that, as a result of this program:
  • 90+% of students said it gave them ideas for helping others
  • 90+% of students said it motivated them to help others
  • 85+% enjoyed the activities and materials
  • 94+% said they would continue to Ignite Good!
For teachers, the reports found strong agreement on the program’s
  • Impact on student motivation to help others
  • Alignment with Core Content
  • Impact on student engagement
  • Development of a positive classroom climate
  • Support of conflict resolution

Close the Enrichment Gap

WhyGGC-EnrichmentGap In out-of-school time settings, the GGC program will enhance learning opportunities for students at all socioeconomic levels, particularly those students in lower income and minority families, who experience a 6000-hour enrichment gap by the time they reach 6th grade, according to The After School Corporation (TASC). This gap is created by lack of access to quality afterschool programs, summer camps, preschool education, extracurriculars, enrichment, and parent interaction. It will also help to close the achievement gap, which is widened by the enrichment gap. According to the Nellie Mae Foundation, "Engagement in constructive activities can have a direct effect on academic achievement by increasing skills in areas important to school performance."

Enhance Student Achievement

WhyGGC-Achievement The Global Game Changers program adheres to NAEYC & Common Core State Standards for Language Arts, allowing children to improve their literacy skills while learning about giving and compassion. Students engage in a variety of robust activities that test and strengthen their reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills.  By focusing on the values of compassion and giving back, the program also helps to create a positive classroom climate, which improves student achievement across the board. Beyond school, students are prepared for their role and responsibilities as local, national, and global citizens.

Develop the Whole Child

WhyGGC-Whole-Child Global Game Changers utilizes a strength-based approach that encourages teachers to differentiate the gifts of each individual student and thereby improve his/her engagement in the learning process. Studies show this Whole Child approach allows students to succeed emotionally, socially, academically, and civically, thereby building their confidence and empowering them to know they can make a difference. Our Superpower Equation empowers students to use their talents and find their heart, thereby improving self-value, self-confidence, and academic success, and enables them to use this equation as a recipe for making a difference throughout their lives.

Make Learning Fun

WhyGGC-Fun-long We use superheroes in our curriculum because they are fun and engaging, and because superheroes have a reputation for coming to the aid of people, which is the very lesson we are trying to teach children. We emphasize that, no matter who you are or where you come from, you have the power to make a difference. We illustrate that one doesn’t have to be a billionaire, have been bitten by a radioactive spider, or born on the planet Krypton to be a superhero with the power to save the world.
We teach children not to forget the small in pursuit of the large. We reinforce that small, consistent acts of kindness pave the way for a lifetime of giving back and making the world a better place and being a better person. The message of making engagement in personal acts of kindness, generosity, and charity part of their DNA is integral to GGC. We challenge children to use their superpowers every day.