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The GGC-YMCA Partnership

A student at Blue Lick Elementary

A student at Blue Lick Elementary

Currently, YMCA is the largest provider of after school care in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The YMCA of Greater Louisville is now partnering with Global Game Changers to share our unique afterschool curriculum with the kids that they reach.

GGC curriculum allows the YMCA to realize three goals:

  • Fulfill their pillar of social responsibility
  • Provide more intentional programming to children
  • Measure the success of the program through intentional evaluation (see here for more information)

A Growing Relationship

Global Game Changers and the YMCA of Greater Louisville have been committed to expanding and growing our partnership. Over the past three years:

  • Spring 2014: 2 sites
  • Spring 2015: 15 sites
  • School Year 2015-2016: 25 sites


The Program in Action

Students at St.Raphael the Archangel School

Students at St.Raphael the Archangel School

Each group spends a whole school year learning and embodying the Global Game Changers mission and values. The first semester in the fall is curriculum-heavy, focusing on learning the different Heart Badges and the real life stories that accompany them.
They work in their Superhero Activity Books, listen to speakers and participate in other supplemental activities. Ultimately, we hope that they discover their superpower to make the world a better place!

The next step? Putting that superpower into action, of course! The second semester focuses almost solely on the various service projects that the kids will pick, plan and execute on their own. Depending on the site, you might find kids working on individual projects, large/small group projects, or both!

2015-2016 Schools

Bates Elementary • Blue Lick Elementary • Brandeis Elementary • The Brown School • Cane Run Elementary • Carter Elementary • Chancey Elementary • Chenoweth Elementary • Christian Academy of Louisville, English Station Campus • Christian Academy of Louisville, Rock Creek Campus • Coleridge Taylor Elementary • Fern Creek Elementary • Goldsmith Elementary • Greathouse/Shryock Elementary • Hawthorne Elementary • Holy Trinity Parish School • Jeffersontown Elementary • Klondike Lane Elementary • Laukhuf Elementary • Smyrna Elementary • St. Raphael the Archangel School • Tully Elementary

Bates Louisville Grows

Students at Hawthorne learn from Louisville Grows.